Saturday, February 9, 2008

Classified Ad

This a request for your support in finding a reclining chair. You know, like a Lazy Boy kind of thing. I recently visited a friend and discovered that I am far more comfortable in a recliner than when I am propped up on the couch. The recliner seems to distribute the weight far more evenly - and off of my butt!

It's only in our budget to buy a recliner if the price is quite low. So, this is a request, of you local folks, for either a recliner that I could have or one that, as I stated above, I could buy for a relatively low price.


  1. Recliners are occasionally on sale 2 for one, I'll check with the local furniture store to see how soon that is coming up. You all do the same?

  2. Robert - You go! Very good news on the scan! You're holding it the knockout punch! routing for you down here in DC!