Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Am Quite Relieved

More good news: You may have notices that I am not doing a CT scan this time around. This is because the scan enhancer aka contrast (a chemical used to sharpen the images taken in the scan) in a CT scan can have nasty side effects on some people. Well, apparently I am "some people." The MRI scan enhancer is much easier on the body which is the sole reason my doctor scheduled the MRI and no the CT. I am not interested in experiencing another "four alarm hangover" like I did following last September's scans.

In fact, I have just confirmed the MRI scan enhancer to be nothing like the stuff used in the CT scans. The gal I spoke with from the radiology department made that real clear. I am quite relieved. The CT scan enhancer made me so sick last September, that when Daniela woke me up to tell me the great news - "there was zero cancer growth!" - I actually didn't even care, because all I wanted to do was sleep so I could remain unconscious to the side effects. It seems like this time, it will be a very different experience - hopefully in more than ine way!


  1. I've had several MRI's and they have all been non-invasive and without pain. They are noisy as the dickens, however... all that loud pinging...
    Have them play really loud music of your choice and don't move!

  2. Yeah, have them play you some Britney Spears. Or are you more of a Justin Timberlake guy?

  3. "Ride of the Valkyries!"