Friday, February 8, 2008

Preliminary Results

Only the PET scan results came in today and they show no metastasis and no increase in tumor area. Not a miracle but far from a let down. MRI results should be in on Monday to determine tumor size.

No sickness from the MRI contrast/enhancer. Very pleased.


  1. I guess it is good that things are staying the same. When does the thing start to shrink. Sorry I am so impatient, but I am an American and we demand instant gratification.

    SO did you go with Britney or Justin? Or did you have to listen to something else so you could keep yourself from dancing?

    All serious, dude, I am glad you have not gotten any worse. Is this good news for someone that has been doing the treatment as long as you have?

  2. Reply to Madcup:

    This is good news. My Gerson doctor had me on a conservative therapy for the first seven months since the therapy puts my tumor is constant direct contact with the coffee enemas and the toxins that pass out of my body. The area was sensitive and I could only handle so much pain.

    The expectation would be that now that I am on the full therapy, I should anticipate shrinkage at a faster rate - maybe in a few months...we'll see.

    Oh, and I listened to Willie Nelson during my MRI.

  3. Bert--this is great. From the perspective of reading your blog, it seemed like you reached a turning point after the hideous Incident of the Gall Stones. Even though you've continued to have so much pain, you've stopped the cancer from going further. I don't mean to imply that it's all under your control, but man, without your commitment and Daniela's commitment it is very hard to imagine that you'd be at this point in your healing.

    Now, not to go all hippie on all you folks who read the blog, but let's all visualize what's left of that little tumor-sucker going...going...gone for good.