Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Feelings About the Scan Results

So, what are my feelings about the recent scans? It's simple. Being on a conservative treatment plan, I can only expect comparable results. My cancer grows at a stage per year. Were this therapy not working, I would now be a Stage III with cancer in my lymph nodes. Since that is clearly not the case, I can confidently say the cancer has been held at bay and I have seriously benefited from the enormous detoxification process I have taken on since I began the therapy in May '07. It may not have removed the cancer, but the toxins, which are the catalyst for the cancer growth, are disappearing fast.

Getting back to my feelings about the test results...I spent four days - Friday evening, when I received the PET scan report, until sometime around Tuesday evening - being bummed out about the less than miraculous results. The bottom line is there has been no growth thus far, so I am certain that the full therapy will reveal significant results when I have my next tests. And so, I have put my shoulder back to the wheel and I will forge ahead and do what needs to be done so I achieve the intended results.

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  1. Good news (NO growth), good attitude and good approach. Onward! Hope that you and Daniela had a wonderful Valentine's Day!