Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Sitz Bath

Enough folks have asked what a sitz bath is, so, the purpose of this post in to let you know what one is in case you don't already know.

A basic sitz bath is a shallow tub or large bowl of tepid (lukewarm) water in which you sit. Believe it or not, simply soaking your behind in tepid water is quite healing when you have...stuff going on back there. No, this is not some alternative, weird way of managing health. Your doctor will know all about sitz bath as well as the great benefits of them.

The idea of a sitz bath is to soak your behind for twenty minutes or so, so the area can absorb the water which apparently heals bruised, swollen and torn tissue (not to mention other issues). It's very common for women who give birth to have some tearing occur and the sitz bath is very healing for that damaged tissue. As you have now figured out, a sitz bath is also very healing for people named Bert with anal fissures.

I don't know how this fissure of mine came about nor do I know if it's common for Gerson patients, but I've got it and it feels as thought it is already healing.


  1. I found them helpful over my lifetime and am glad you have found them to be so.
    Blessed be.

  2. Do you elevate your behind in some way, so that it isn't resting on the bottom of the container of water - for example, do you sit on a small inflatable inner tube? I would imagine the pressure of sitting fully on the/your bottom might negate some of the relief of a sitz bath...

  3. Is the tearing in your anus getting better?

    I have aloe if you think that will help. Dude, witch hazel does wonders for hemorrhoids.

  4. Reply to cindy:

    Today I sat on a couple of hot water bottles partially filled with water. It was far more comfortable than a donut pillow and way more comfortable than yesterdays attempt of resting on my feet to stay off of my butt. I'll do some more today with the hot water bottles. I can't think of anything else that would be soft enough...

  5. How is the lounge chair working out?