Sunday, February 3, 2008

Different Form of Pain Management

I am trying a different form of pain management. After talking to my Gerson doctor, I have chosen to take a temporary break from coffee enemas and only do chamomile tea enemas. This is in order to give the rectal tissue a break from the acidity of the coffee so I can determine if the coffee is a reason for some of the discomfort I am feeling. Because I am not doing any coffee enemas, I am only on three juices a day. I must say it is certainly pleasing to me for Daniela to have a break from this therapy, although it had nothing to do with my decision. I am still on 100% of the Gerson diet, just 8 juices less.

This is not a common Gerson practice - taking a break from the enemas - but I believe in my case, it is a necessary action to take in order to help determine the source of my discomfort, since unlike most folks I know doing the therapy, my tumor area is in direct contact with the coffee and the toxins that pass over the tissue as they are passed out of the body. Taking this "coffee-break" will not cause any harm and hopefully, it will provide the relief I need.

Also, my soon tobe scheduled scans will certainly help. And if there is no relief and nothing that points to the discomfort is revealed by the scans, the next step will be a sigmoidoscopy. Something I've been avoiding like the plague and a necessary evil if nothing else provides an answer.

I'm looking forward to some success in the very near future...