Friday, February 1, 2008

It's 3:27 AM EST and I am posting a blog entry. Not my first choice. More than anything, I'd rather be sleeping. Well actually, more than anything, I'd rather not have cancer. But given the circumstances and that I have yet to learn how to disappear cancer simply in a single thought, right now I'll go with sleep. That would real nice.

It's odd how some nights I am simply wide awake. Sometimes it's for no reason I can see. Other times, like tonight, the old backside gets a little sore and I can't sleep. So right now I am sitting in a little improvised bathroom-floor sitz bath and using the enema table as a laptop desk. Hey, it works.

Sleeplessness would happen on occasion pre-diagnosis. Now it's a fairly regular thing. Fortunately, I have the day off from work tomorrow, so I'm not worried about my performance at the office. Fortunately, I have every day off until my body is healed so I guess a little sleeplessness will work itself out.

So, instead of sleeping I've been reading the emails that I've skipped over for days (or weeks) and checking out cool websites that test your knowledge of geography, etc. or scanning the website that lets me know who is visiting my blog from various countries and cities around the world and how many times it's been viewed - all that good stuff.


  1. Maybe this video will help you. It helps me.

  2. I was surprised that when I logged on that you had already left a blog 3am. I guess all you can do is go with the flow, I am sure that is a mantra you consistently have to remind yourself of. Well, today is another day and even though it is gray, and raining, and snowing, and hailing...we have life and each other and that alone makes my day bright. Cheesy but true!! Love you guys lots. *will you please email me so I have your email address, Daniela has given it to me and I don't have you in my book. I would love to be able to reach you through email. Love, Allie

  3. Dear Bert,
    Saw you on CSC blog. I was also a member of the 3AM club last night. I'm Liz. I've read several of your posts and really appreciate your point of view. I also struggle, sometimes very unsuccessfully, with my thinking and attitude. Your perspective helped me! Thanks!
    I have a blog at:

  4. I haven't put it in email words yet, but I just want to know what a revelation it was to spend some time at your home two weeks ago. Here are some words that come to mind: utmost dedication, heroism (in its truest sense), courage, living as Spiritual Practice, patience, a reach for truth.
    Will be back soon,

  5. I guess that you are trying to maintain a family blog? Sorry about that brother, It was really early and I thought I was being funny. Thank you for being my conscious.