Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Afternoon with STING

Well, well. Thursday's Castor Oil was good...and then not so good. The five hours that it passed through my system was, to my surprise, with little cramping or nausea and for that I am very pleased. I'm all for much more of it. I then did my Castor Oil/coffee break which also went as well as a coffee & Castor enema can go. Then - oh yes - then I enjoyed routine runs to the bathroom [I hear a pun in there]. And with each visit a nice ration of stinging. Nothing debilitating, but nothing one hopes for on the day of a big job interview or on the day they scheduled to stay home and do a Castor Oil treatment! I asked Dr. Cervantes about my recurring trips to the commode each day I do the Castor Oil treatment and he reassured me it was completely normal. I don't know if I felt reassured. I thought if I had continued to ask if it was normal, SOMEONE would tell me it wasn't and provide the perfect remedy. Nope...just a recommendation to continue the chamomile & peroxide sitz baths. Oh well. I could have worse problems...oh that's right, I do!!!

On anther note, Dr. Cervantes said my blood work was fantastic!!! During that meeting he noted that my white blood cell count was perfect which meant there was no infection to worry about. That means that my gall bladder is back in great shape. Do you remember when I passed the gall stone(s) on December 10th? Yes, that situation is in proper order. I used a homeopathic remedy called Stone ~ Breaker as well as a Rife Machine - technology developed by Royal Rife - to disintegrate the gall stones with electromagnetic energy. In time I'll know if it worked. Right now I'm just happy to be pain free and 100% free of the infection that resulted after passing that elephant-size gall stone on December 10th.


  1. Congratulations on your results. I have a rife machine too and it works wonders. A guy I know has been making them for 10 years.

    You should also look at the detox foot pads from Japan,

  2. You know my friend, it almost seems as if this treatment is designed to make you crap your illness away. I guess it makes sense, as that is how we get rid of most of the toxins in our system.

    I am just afraid that with you crapping so much, your body might not retain the nutrients it does need. How much weight have you lost? I mean, lets face it, you ain't me. By that, i mean you can't afford to lose too much weight. Even at your heaviest, a stiff wind could knock you off your feet.

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  4. Reply to Madcup:

    I eat three large meals a day in addition to 11 8 oz. juices. So, as far as nutrition goes, I probably ingest and absorb more nutrients than 95% of the American populace. As far as weight, I have been five pounds underweight since sometime early on in this therapy and I have maintained that weight consistently ever since.

    If you think back to the late 80's, you may remember I was all kinds of skinny back then. It was only as I got older and my metabolism slowed down that I began to look "a little under average weight" as opposed to down right skinny.

    I appreciate your candidness and your willingness to ask the questions that others may be thinking.