Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cator Oil Update

So, in order to give you some idea of where I am with the castor oil, I will need to share some personal information - you know body function. So, if you are not interested in hearing about it, this would be the time to stop reading. And for those of you who care to forge ahead...

As I mentioned in my December 22nd entry, the castor oil can sting on the way out if it picks up toxins in the digestive track. Well...let me tell you about sting. On Friday, I did my castor oil at 5:30 am and at 10:30 am I did my coffee w/ castor oil enema. You want to talk about sting? Ever heard of the band "The Flaming Lips"? Oh yeah, it stung. And then for the next five hours I had the runs that stung and stung and stung with know - each time - until I was ready to go squat in the waters of the nearly frozen creek behind the house. And then at 6 pm, the Flaming Lips had their final encore performance for the day. Unrequested and quite delayed I might add.

After that incident, I decided to not do anymore castor oil until I had some idea of why that happened and how to avoid it. Fortunately (or unfortunately - I'm not sure yet), I found out at the end of the weekend, that in the beginning days of castor oil treatments, hours of stinging runs is not uncommon because there there are a lot of toxins being pulled out for the first time. So, not to worry, everything is just fine. Maybe not "just fine" - just nothing had gone wrong.

Having that information brought to my attention, I did another castor oil treatment on Tuesday. Good news - a little sting following the castor w/ coffee enema and the show was over. I am scheduled for another castor oil treatment tomorrow morning and will continue to do them every other day until I am told it is no longer necessary. Sure the cramps from 6 am to 10:30 am are definitely a drag. But the real drag so far is taking the 30 or so gel caps of castor oil. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but I choose to take gel caps because my stomach may still be a little sensitive and apparently castor oil can be pretty tough on a sensitive stomach. So, by about gel cap number 25, I start to gag. The gel caps have this weird perfumey taste that's starting to gross me out. I have to keep reminding myself that it's likely far better than drinking two tablespoons of castor oil straight. I hear that's nasty.

Well, tomorrow's castor oil is only 8 hours away. I'm sure I'll let you know, at some point, if everything comes out all right...


  1. Hi Bert--I'm getting caught up on your blog. Sorry I haven't been out since December--a cold, then travel, etc.--but I'll be back in the next couple of weeks.

    But what I really wanted to say is, oh man, I love your humor. I love that you'll write about anything, and that it could at any point include the metaphor "Flaming Lips". You. Totally. Rock. And you're an excellent writer. When you are tumor-free and ready to think about what comes next, I hope you'll consider writing a book.

    See you soon--

  2. I bought castor oil gelcaps one or two years ago from info I found on the web. Now I want to buy another bottle but can't locate the store. Can you tell me where I can purchase co gelcaps?