Monday, January 7, 2008

The Other Day I Felt Down

...and this evening I am back in the space of gratitude. Funny how that is.

I am grateful for the privilege of knowing that the future I am living into has a profound impact on my future. The future I am living into is a tear jerking celebration of the disappearance of the cancer in my body and sharing my experience with as many people as I possibly can so folks know there are options beyond what the mainstream media and medical world brings to us. Choose which ever path you feel is best, but know you have options - especially those folks who are told "there is nothing we can do for you."

Earlier this evening I was laying on the couch [laying on the couch - that's new and different!] completely blown away that at 36 years old I was diagnosed with stage two rectal cancer. 36!!! Amazing. It makes just about no sense to me. I'm a young buck. Aren't I supposed to be "OLD" first? Anyway, I will confess that I do sometimes ponder what led me to having cancer [side note: I have cancer - cancer does not have me]. And pondering the origin of my cancer can be quite a thought process. Where I choose to leave it is my complete lack of fiber in my diet for many years. I remember when I was a teenager, learning that fiber has no nutritional value and decided that meant I therefore do not need to eat it. So, I made no efforts to eat fiber. Might you have guessed I'm a big fan of the stuff now?

So getting back to my original thoughts, I am grateful that I chose a path that, as difficult as it sometimes is, will bring me to full health without the removal of my organs or the use of chemotherapy and radiation. It's an honor to be one of the people who has learned about Gerson Therapy and to have a cancer that is healed very effectively with Gerson Therapy. And it's phenomenal how little Gerson Therapy is known! Once you begin to read literature pertaining to natural healing, Gerson Therapy is all over the place. It's incredible. The natural healing world is very clear that Gerson Therapy is the leading natural approach to healing cancer (and other degenerative diseases) and nine moths ago, it was a therapy that seemed just about ludicrous to me. Wow. Amazing.

Speaking of wow, I have to be up in a little over five hours to do a Castor Oil treatment. Good night and sweet dreams...

And thanks for all your great comments and inspiring words. I just love hearing from you. You are often my source of inspiration. Thanks a million!


  1. Dude,
    I am so with you. I'm 33 and can't believe I'm a full blown cancer survivor. It's like when I talk to 25 year olds that are veterans. I mean seriously.

    My thoughts are with you and I'm sending you all kinds of positive vibes as you go through your therapy. I'm glad to hear that your spirits are up.

    Keep us posted on the castor oil treatments! It could be informative AND entertaining...


  2. Robert,

    I am just starting the Gerson Therapy myself. I have stage IV melanoma, and I am hoping that this will help me live a longer and more fulfilling life. So far, despite my diagnosis I feel great. I have no pain or other common symptoms. I am not excited about starting brain radiation therapy, but since I have tumors there, I guess it is in the cards for me.

    I look forward to reading about your struggle so far and about your experience with both traditional medicine and this dietary regimen. Thank you for sharing your story so far.

    Peace and best wishes to you,


    P.S. If you want to check out my blog you can find it at

  3. Are you going to get all offended if I make my typical rude comments? I am afraid that my sense of humor does not translate well in the internetal mode of communication, and I do not want to shatter your fragile psyche. Let me know.

    What are you doing with olive oil now? Dude, I have this great recipe for olive oil and balsanic vinegar dressing.

  4. Response to Miss Melanoma:

    Hey Missy! What a coincidence that your last name is also the kind of cancer you were diagnosed with - maybe taht means something...just kidding. Madcup's comments had me realize that a very small portion of my my sarcasm ever makes it to the blog!

    All kidding aside, your honesty on your blog is great. Congratulations on beating the cancer. I bet you had one hell of a celebration!


  5. Response to jb aka jaybee:

    Good luck on your treatment. Be mindful of the contradicting aspects of the two different therapies. I am by no means an expert, but I do know that toxifying the body with radiation while your detoxifying it at the same time could very have you experience the radiation sickness twice as badly.

    However, eating the Gerson diet will certainly starve the cancer of it's desired nutrients.

    Good luck!


  6. Response to Madcup:

    I've been looking forward to your typical rude comments!!! I was starting to get offended when I wasn't seeing any. What am I...chopped liver???

    Unfortunately, I am not allowed any olive oil on this therapy. So, contact me in 17 months and we'll talk dressing...