Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Little Stunned From it All

I believe I passed a kidney stone from around 1 - 2 am on Sunday night. Yeah - exactly. This is getting a little crazy. And it gets better. Either the same stone made a little more progress yesterday evening or a new stone found its way out. I believe a very powerful dose of narcotics recently prescribed to me for gall stones may have had some part in the disappearance of yesterday's pain.

Rectal pain, gall stones, now kidney stones... Holy Christmas! The good news is that this is not a standard part of Gerson Therapy...I think that's the good news...or not...I'm not sure. Is it good news that only I experience these things? Okay, so it is good news that it's not expected in Gerson Therapy. I just don't care for the idea that it's something I am experiencing all on my own because if that's the case, why in heavens am I passing every kind of stone possible. Let's hope there are no other types of stones to pass. Heck maybe I'll be the first to pass a brand new kind of stone - that noone has ever heard of!!! Just kidding. It's difficult for me to even begin to process thoughts of why this is happening because I am still processing the fact that it even happened - period. Who passes kidney stones and gall stones all in the same few months?

Maybe it's normal, but to be quite honest about the whole thing, I do feel a little beaten down with all this pain. Because we're not talking headaches and chronic back pain which is indeed a lousy experience. We're talking 100% debilitating rediculousness. If you think it's tough to pass a gall stone, kidney stones are another grade higher because with kidney stones you have the added experience of an internal sharp pain in addition to the outrageously intense dull pain that one experiences with gall stones. It's kind of like a two-for-one if you think about it. As you might imagine, I am now carrying a bottle of narcotics with me where I go because there is no way on God's green earth I am going to pass another stone of any kind without some serious pain killers.

I imagine I may have more to share about this later, but right now I'm still a bit stunned from it all - not to mention a little stoned after two days of powerful narcotics. And as far as my Castor Oil goes - please! I'm not going to intentionally give myself hours of the stinging runs while there is still the strong possibility of being doubled over, sweating bullets and passing a kidney stone at the same time. Yeah, that's quite an image, huh? We'll just pass on that option for now. Juice please!

By the way - if my experience on Gerson Therapy is your litmus test for the experience of the therapy overall...well...let's just say right now I'm laughing out loud. Goodness gracious - I doubt I'm the best candidate for that role. Stick to the books: A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and Healing the Gerson Way.


  1. Have you issued an endorsement for the Presidential Primary as of yet? My candidate (Denny K) has withdrawn, so I need some advice.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement and your wise words of caution regarding mixing Gerson therapy and radiation.

    I think I am going to have to pull in some help to keep me getting the daily juices. I am realizing that caring for my body might be something like a full time job.

    I appreciate reading about your experiences and I hope that the coming weeks bring less pain.

  3. Reply to Madcup:



    both sites help you choose your candidate

    Stay strong!!!!

  4. Reply to jb aka jaybee:

    We have an entire community of generous folks coming in to assist us week by week. This therapy is a major commitment!