Monday, January 14, 2008

Castor Oil - This Too Shall Pass

I was due another Castor Oil treatment on Saturday but didn't do it because I didn't really get to sleep on Friday night until about 4 am Saturday morning and chose to sleep in until 11 am (being woken up only to drink my juice and then go back to sleep. I didn't do the Castor Oil once I woke up because I have no commitment to ingesting Castor Oil that late in the morning, because I lose my desire to eat from the cramping and nausea. So instead, I did the Castor Oil on Sunday.

It was little better than Thursday because the stinging wasn't bad early on. I still had the same problem of needing to be real close to the bathroom for four hours following the Castor/coffee enema. Pointer: Castor Oil ingestion will do wonders for constipation! So, the four hours following the enema was certainly unpleasant, but not as bad as Thursday because the stinging didn't start until about three hours into the process. Naturally, an hour of in and out of the bathroom with a complimentary sting each time can get pretty uncomfortable, but again, one hour of it is not much when compared to five.

Tuesday will be another Castor Day if I get my blood drawn early enough - keeping my fingers crossed. This too shall pass.


  1. Hi Robert
    I stumbled into your blog.
    O! My word. I knew Castor oil is good but not this much. I call it King Castor oil. I mean it.
    All good oils are real good for our body, but Castor oil is the best.
    I am glad you find your ways to becoming well.
    It's such an encouragement to read your blog more that you would imagine.


  2. For some reason, I have never had a problem with constipation. In fact, if I do not move my bowels at least three times a day I feel bloated.

    What is Castor Oil made from? Does it have a flavor? Is it like Cod Liver Oil, which the Little rascals had to drink? Is the sting as bad as the first time that you ate really hot wings and washed them down with cheap draft?

    By the way, John sold Spirits. He thinks they are going to put a "high end" restaurant in there.

  3. A co-worker of mine in KY just discovered she has cancer. Eventhough the outlook is "ify" she is approaching it with the same outlook as you...She has cancer, cancer doesn't have her. I am floored and honored to know people that strong in spirit.
    Much love from KY Y'All...

  4. Reply to Madcup:

    Castor Oil is a thick and heavy oil that doesn't wash off of things easily. I have no idea what it tastes like b/c I take it in capsules but I can tell you the capsules are supposed to be pretty rough on the stomach and mine ain't ready for that yet.

    You pretty much nailed it regarding the sting - cheap draft being key. Ooh-ah-ooh-ooh-ah!

    High end restaurant in Auburn? Is it time to say goodbye to "the Pub"?

  5. Reply to Bubel:

    I am also honored by people who face such a powerful unknown with such courage. We area an amazing creature, the human being. For as much pain as we cause, we create even more beauty and for that I am honored to be here with all of you.

    That's chicken soup for the Scholl. Thanks.

  6. Three drops of castor oil in your orange juice helps to keep your red and white blood cells healty it builds up immune system