Thursday, January 24, 2008

Castor Oil Surprise (Not a casserole)

My Castor Oil experience went quite well today. Most likely because I slept through four of the five hours it moved through my system. Reason being, I was up until 5 AM last night. So, I slept until noon today once I ingested the Castor Oil. Tuesday night I was up a lot and very late into the night, so I slept in until 10 AM yesterday. casserole

It was four hours after I did my Castor/coffee enema that the sting finally showed up. It was a nice surprise to have the stinging only last a couple of hours...I think. Naturally, I ran to the commode pretty regularly for the duration but less sting is a good thing.

As far as the lack of sleep goes, had I done a sitz bath last night I think I would have slept easier, but my mind just wasn't going there as it was "the middle of the night" and I wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep. Kind of a funny thought process, but what do you expect from a person who's half asleep?

Emotionally, I feel great and physically I have lots of energy - more than I've had since last May when I went ot the clinic. It feels good to be me again. It's just a matter of time before I get over this "hump" and the pain is gone. Yes, I dislike tolerating pain so regularly and I am clear that it is part of my detox process

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