Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am feeling incredibly inspired and wanted to share that with you. I believe it's because I am so moved by what we as people are capable of. I recently learned of a tragic event in the life of someone close to me. That combined with my circumstances of healing and the circumstances of so many others I know who are healing themselves of cancer, has presenced me to the incredible beauty that we as human beings are capable of generating in our lives.

Initially it seems sad that it so often takes situations such as those I mentioned for the true beauty of human beings to show up. It's not always that way, but it certainly is a powerful force. After some reflection on the sadness of it all, I can see the opportunity available out of events such as these and contemplate if pain, when it is the source of such beauty, is as sad as I see it or if it is possibly one of the reasons for such painful experiences - to represence us to our true power and beauty.

I am so inspired and moved and grow so much each day as a result of having to manage this new life of mine. Recently, a friend and I were talking about all that goes on in the world today - wars, massacres, suffering - and contemplated when it will end or if it will at all. We soon found ourselves in a conversation about compassion.

Since we can not change others, we must look within for the change we desire in the world. That's not such an uncommon thing to hear. When will the world become peaceful? When each one of us has compassion for one anther. Not the compassion that shows up when a person asks for support or needs a helping hand. That compassion is beautiful and necessary, but I am talking about compassion for the family member who always gets under my skin or the person who gives me the finger or cuts me off in traffic or falsely accuses me or commits an "unforgivable" crime or declares war on another country. When I can find it in myself to have compassion for those people - compassion for them when their motivating force is not their higher self - I will be the source of the peace that I seek in the world. It's forgiveness to them for being the darker side of human. Just like the forgiveness I have promised to provide for myself each day. To be one more individual who has created the space for a peaceful world and let go of the ego and a lifetime of insecurities - some forgotten - some ignored. So easy to speak and so difficult to implement day to day.

We are beautiful creatures and I am indeed grateful to be here with you.

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  1. Bert, your words brought tears to my eyes. Because I need to practice compassion for others when their motivating force is not their higher self... and forgiveness to others for being the darker side of human. And, sometimes, the "other" is me.

    Your spirit continually inspires me, and so many others as well. I, too, am grateful to be here with you. Thank you.