Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Optimum Health & Wellness (Entry Updated on 1/30/08 @ 1 PM)

Ten years ago I stopped meditating, stopped eating organic food, stopped being a vegetarian, and much more... I completely gave up on many of the things I believed in. In retrospect I can see it was because I wasn't doing all of these healthy things because I was inspired by what they made available. I was doing them because I believed that to not meditate was unhealthy and to not eat organic was unhealthy and to not be vegetarian was unhealthy... You see very little of what I was doing for my health was because I was inspired to do it. I did it to avoid the alternative. You can imagine it was a pretty exhausting way to live - being against so many things.

One thing I have been unwilling to post (at least I think I haven't posted it) is my belief that this cancer is a "knock at my door." It was a way to wake me up and get me back on the path I turned away from 10 years ago. "Hello??? Are you going to return to what you were here for or are you going to continue down the same road and let this cancer take you out?" Now to be clear, I am speaking for no one but myself. I will not make an assumption about anyone else and the source of their wellness or lack of. However, I am clear that, for me, this cancer is an opportunity. I believe it is an opportunity to achieve something through living. Granted I'm a bit attached to idea of life so if the cancer was for some other purpose, I am not able to see it. Yet to be quite honest, I truly believe I am meant to heal myself - body in tact - 100%.

So this evening, I was speaking to my sister about how cancer is showing up in one in three Americans and appears to be on the rise to one in two. I shared with her my concerns about the toxicity of our food - from the fertilizer, to the pesticides, herbicides, all the -cides, the processing of it and then all the things that go into animal raising and my concerns about foods that are not organic and blah blah blah. We wrapped up the conversation and said goodbye and it was about 2 hours later I called her back and apologized for leaving the conversation on that note. That was the same conversation I was having 10 years ago - the "those things are bad" conversation. So, I let her know I am committed to speaking about what is possible out of doing what I believe is best for me or the world around me - not what I believe I should do to avoid what is not good for me.

When Mother Theresa was asked if she would march against the war in Vietnam, she refused. However, she said if there was ever a march for peace she would indeed be a part of it. That's the conversation I am committed to having - for something - pro-whateveritisIbelievein!

So, I called my sister back and completed the conversation with my her by sharing what I see possible out of a commitment to optimum health and wellness. It felt much better and it's the same perspective from which I view the arrival of my cancer. It's all about the context. If the context from which I live is not empowering, it's not going to forward anything - it will only disempower me. So, when I consider what brought on cancer, I have lost interest in conversations about luck or the odds or genetics. Sure they are all possible reasons for the onset of cancer and I don't feel empowered by any of them. The context that has me feel empowered is cancer that arrived for a purpose - in my case, to bring on the transformation of life - not the destruction of it.

Optimum health & wellness is what I am up to with the Gerson Therapy and it is the path I have chosen with Daniela and for our children.


  1. Hi all. I'm the sister. In case you were wondering: yes, even though he's my brother and I've known him all my life, his and Daniela's perspective completely blows me away.

    Bert, I am more and more inspired by you every day.


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