Saturday, May 19, 2007


During the morning I felt great. I wrote a song for one of the staff - she requested it - although her request was in Espanol and she had to ask me a couple of times before I understood her. I am at the point where I am just beginning to understand a ridiculously small amount of Spanish. I catch a verb and a pronoun and start to pull together what's being said. There's no chance I can repeat it...yet! So I threw together a sweet little tune about what a nice job she does and her beautiful smile - all in Espanol. That was a challenge! It's kind of hard to remember the words when I've never used them in my life. I will sing it for her tomorrow.

I never thought I would be looking forward to coffee enemas!!! They provide SO MUCH relief when I'm going through a flare-up. "Who'd a thunk that?" (quote from Dave Wheeler...Pittsburg '92) addressing Brotha D. Sorry. That last entry will make no sense to you if you weren't at Deer Creek with us in '92. On that note, God Bless the Grateful Dead Family. We love you Jerry!!!

Oh yeah, coffee enermas. Who would think I would be so looking forward to them. Before Gerson Therapy, ALIEVE would of done the trick just fine. No more. Now I do coffee enemas to get rid of headaches. And the worst part is that laughing makes them very difficult to retain. And trust me, there's a laughing going on during the process. I won't share any of the things we say on this blog during these enemas. Your mother might be reading this!!!

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  1. I've done several colon cleansings and found great relief from feeling sick and miserable... though heaven knows I've never had to retain them, much less for 15 minutes!
    You Rock!