Thursday, May 17, 2007


So what does my diet consist of at Baja Nutricare?

Every meal is organic and every juice is organic and each juice includes a Potassium Iodine supplement. In the morning I begin with freshly squeezed pear juice. Then I have oatmeal with slices of papaya, banana and raisins, figs & apricots that have been soaked. For lunch I have Hypocrates Soup (potato & veggies), steamed vegetables and a baked potato with fresh salsa & a tablespoon of flax (or linseed) oil & chopped onions. For dinner I have the same as what I had for lunch with different steamed vegetables and sometimes a little desert consisting of baked oats & apples with maple syrup (like an apple crisp) or frozen banana &/or papaya ground in the juicer which creates the consistency of ice cream. Somewhere down the road, fat-free organic yogurt I will be added to my meals. Throughout the day I am also drinking carrot-apple juice, greens-apple juice & gruel (oatmeal water).

And if you're wondering, it's very ease to get used to when the alternative is chemotherapy & radiation.

Thank you for your comments. I read them all. I love you, too.


  1. I am so proud of you and of the folks at the Gerson Institute for making this available. Be sure and bring home some menus, the food sounds GREAT!
    xox p

  2. Brother Bert,
    Although the reasons why you have landed where you did are quite different from my reasons for going away, it seems that your life changing experience at the Institute can be paralleled to my own experience at boot camp. To be yanked out of a familiar setting you’ve known your whole life where you are surrounded by loved ones, familiar faces and be thrown into a strange new world where your lifestyle is so different from what you have left behind can be quite a challenge. However tough it seems, I sense that your inner strength and the reason you are there is carrying you through this ordeal so far. I also feel that your sense of humor and positive outlook on life must also play a big role in your current attitudes that pervade your blogs….you must keep this positive feeling going my brother…the mind is a mighty powerful thing!

    I am sending some strong positive vibes and prayers your way…you must be tuned in to be able to catch them. That beach you talked about is where you will find them, my brother. Next time you are there; listen, feel and focus…as I write the vibe is on its way down the Pacific coast…not that far to travel so the intensity will be there still when it arrives and you are ready to receive it!

    Lat me know if you are checking email…

    Peace and Prayers!

  3. Hey there Bert, We are thinking about you a lot right now. Leo is such a love and like having your sweet smile around us. He is loving the country life and spends most of his days wandering around the yard after us and the kids. He takes long country walks morning and night and is the fastest eatin' dog I have ever known! Buena suerte con su salud. Ten paciencia, fe y siempre pensar en lo positivo. Con mucho amor y esperanza,
    Michelle, Dustin, Leo and the rest.