Wednesday, May 16, 2007


On Monday morning at 8:30, we were picked up by a shuttle in San Diego and we arrived at Baja Nutricare at 9:30 AM. Two other folks were waiting as well - husband and wife. She has breast cancer and he's not accustomed to this type of diet. We all feel "new" and very curious.

Once in, I immediately had blood drawn and my vitals checked. We were shown our room and had a tour of the facility. Chris and I each have a single bed in the same room. It's a descent space.

I was "walked through" both enemas on Monday. Today I did them with Chris's assistance. Enemas will take some getting used to - shocker!

My blood work came back today and it was very good. Dr. Cervantes said my liver count and cholesterol were both amazing!!! He said it looked like the numbers he sees for vegan patients!!! It should definitely make my detox a little bit easier.

We had a Norwalk Juicer demonstration. I've never tasted carrot juice that was as good as this stuff. All a result of the type of grinding process and (I'm guessing more importantly) the 2000 lb press that's used to extract the juice.

Tomorrow Charlotte (Gerson) will be visiting and speaking to us as a group as well as individually.

I feel great and, I am a bit low energy - the detoxification process has begun. It commonly shows up as fatigue. The flare-ups haven't begun yet, although I am experiencing a bit of a sore throat but only from the evening through the morning. I may have brought it here with me. We'll see.


  1. Hey Bert -

    I know I haven't talked to you since this whole thing began (except for the phone message: raw food!) but I (we all) have been with you the whole time! I just want to say that I am soooo proud of you and the way you've taken on your life and taking this cancer as an opportunity to further your transformation. That is an incredible human being! Words cannot express how inspiring you are to me and others and how glad I am to have you as a role model in my life.

    With Peace, Love and Healing,


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  3. baby, you are the man of my dreams...


  4. Bert - I'm so proud of you for pursuing nutritional therapy. Obviously as a nutrition educator I believe strongly in the power contained in nutrition as a healing modality. I know I said I'd get ya more info, but everything I found was just confusing, and you found a good start in Gerson Therapy IMO.

    I've detoxed before... more than 15 times at this point (longest juice fast I've done is 21 days). It sux ballz! I mean, it's great once ya stabilize, but those first few weeks, *phew*.

    I'm sure they already told ya this, but watch your mind and your emotions - remember that as the toxins move out of you they may affect your thinking, feeling and behavior in unpredictable ways. I find that this can both be valuable and, well... not.

    Miss ya, thoughts are with ya.

    To Health, Love, lack of toxins, and pounds of produce,

  5. Everyone whom I have seen has asked me to wish you the best. That includes our doctor and our pharmacist. We're all pulling for you.
    love mama

  6. Bert, it is so generous of you to have this blog where we can check in with you. Thank you! Financial contributions keep coming in, and today a (very good) acupuncturist donated free treatments to you when you return. So many people love you! I acknowledge you for having the courage to go for this treatment, outside of the mainstream. Many would be too fearful to trust the unconventional, though they wish they could try it. I also am grateful for your authenticity. You are making a huge contribution to us by serving as a role model for confronting serious illness and sharing the spectrum of feelings that necessarily accompany the experience. As an integrative medicine practitioner, I can't express how important that is and how much it means to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!