Monday, May 21, 2007


One factor I have mentioned very little is the companion. Chris Stadelmaier is my Gerson Companion - all Gerson patients must have a companion for the duration of the stay here at the institute. Chris's girlfriend Jackie is at home without him when his presence there would make a difference to her - Thank you , Jackie. Chris's mother whom he is very close to and sees regularly is at home without him - Thank you, Mama Chris. Chris is in business for himself and all of that is on hold while he is here with me. Chris eats an almost exclusively raw diet which he has had to adapt while he is here since very little of what he eats is available at the Gerson Clinic. He has put his life on pause so that I can heal my body a purely natural way and live to see my children grow with my incredible wife as we grow old together.

It is a huge undertaking to be a Gerson Companion. Chris has little time for himself and the time he has is not of his choosing. He finds time for himslef when my needs have been met and at this point the doctors have me on only about 60% of the standard treatment. Because the tumor is in the rectum, they are starting me slowly. A rectal tumor is vulnerable -it's exposed, so things need to start slow. Chris will be taking on more in the near future. It's not that I couldn't do all of it on my own, but healing does not happen with Gerson therapy unless the patient is resting CONSTANTLY. So, I am required to rest throughout the day. Some days I am too tired or sick (from the detox) to go to the dining room, so he brings me my meals. He makes sure I have remembered to take my supplements, which I forget when I am out of it or sick (again as a result of the detox). Chris prepares the enemas and he cleans the bucket and tube when I am done using them. And when the enema, let's say, doesn't go so well, he cleans it up without a word. To say I am humbled by his generosity and kindness barely touches the surface. I have yet to find the words to express my gratitude.

To comprehend my gratitude, close your eyes and imagine tears running off my face faster than I can wipe them away. I am deeply moved by who you are, Chris. I will be present to love and gratitude for you for all of my life time.

Love Bert


  1. Rob: thank you for this entry--for bringing to our attention the absolute enormity of Chris' role in this.

    Chris: it's true, there really aren't words sufficient to express the gratitude we feel. Thank you thank you thank you. The ripples of your generosity go further than you'll ever know.

    Much love,

  2. Dear Bert and Chris,

    This whole experience is very circular, much larger in diameter than even I imagined possible before you both left. Bert, to read the depth of your gratitude for Chris makes my heart (already bursting with the love I feel for this man) abolutely overflow.

    Watching you both not only endure this challenge, but surpass the limits of your own strength is a beautiful gift for me to witness from way over here...there is healing much deeper and much further than I ever imagined.

    Thank YOU Bert for acknowledging the man who stands beside you on this trip - I know he is stunned by your grace as well.

    So much love,