Sunday, May 27, 2007


The pain in my knee is GONE. My legs still ache today and they did a bit yesterday as well. Yesterday was a nightmare. Emotionally I was way, way down. I was cranky, grumpy, impatient, angry and exhausted. Yeah, a real joy to be around. They told us to expect it. Then at 10 PM, like the flick of a switch, I felt great. Unbelievable. I turned to Chris and asked him how his day went. Up until that point, I couldn't see past my own nose...

Today I am experiencing body-ache, like a lousy cold without the ear, nose & throat symptoms. Also very little energy. Two hours ago I felt fine. I stepped out into the courtyard and stood in the fountain for a little refresher. I looked up and the kitchen staff were looking at me saying "Roberto es LOCO!" The pool is not warm enough. I will ask them to turn up the heat one day before I go.

The kitchen staff are the best - Chris and I agree on that. They are the angels of this place. I finished a song for a woman named Lola and sang it to her last night. It was a lot of fun. We will definitely miss them. Not to mention they're masters at cooking the Gerson meals. We'd sneak one home with us, but their children would have to come and the house is just too small (and I suppose immigration might have a small problem with that).

Marguerita just delivered my gruel to me and asked to see the family photos. They love to see our pictures of our families and Marguerita always asks how the babies are.

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  1. Good Afternoon Bert! I wanted to share about a visit that I had Saturday! I have a cousin, John that has lived with his family in North Carolina for the better part of his adult life. I saw him last, years ago at a family reunion. Yesterday he and his wife Barb were up to visit my uncle for the weekend and decided to stop in to see how we were doing. As they asked how Jim was, I mentioned that we had recently met a wonderful young couple and I shared what you were traveling through. Barb then shared about a friend that she had in North Carolina that was somewhere near our ages (Jim is 55 and I am 54). When she was 13 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer and she had to have her leg amputated. Her parents decided at that time, to try a different method of follow up treatment and this treatment was the GERSON METHOD! Barb said that this friend to this day follows her treatment regiment and from what I understood, lives a healthy, normal life. We hope that this brings added inspiration!

    I understand your feelings about those that are helping you through this. We are very much homebodies, and Jim especially just wanted to get home. I on the other hand felt a feeling of security being with everyone at the clinic as they listened to what we said we were going through, understood, believed, expressed compassion, and yet stood strong in letting us know what we needed to do to get better. You will look back at this for years to come and never loose the amazement of what you went through and how it will have changed your life!

    Take care of yourself and thanks again Chris for being the friend that you are!

    God Bless…As ever,

    Jim and Patti Maybee

    Thursday, May 24, 2007: as we drove down towards Brooktondale with the windows down in the truck, we were overwhelmed with the fragrant aroma of the lilacs! I can’t remember ever smelling lilac fragrance so strong and beautiful!

    Friday, May 25, 2007: as we left Brooktondale, (having arrived early hoping to avoid the storm) we were amazed at the power of the thunderstorm that came upon us as we traveled home!

    Sunday, May 27, 2007: I ditched the idea of going to work and Jim and I mowed the lawn! Almost got it done before we had another one of those short but powerful rain showers! Looking forward to the Memorial Day Services that are held at the cemetery across the road from our house!

    I look at these as being signs of the time, showing the amazing power of Mother Nature, believing that there is a greater power that is in control of all things! How fortunate we feel to have met both of you and we again want to thank Bert for sharing so intimately the details of what he is going through. We have learned so much from reading the blog and feel confident that it will help us in making the changes that we need to make in our future as well!