Thursday, May 31, 2007


So, I just bought the supplements for the next three months because...we are leaving on Tuesday!!! And even better news, my brother Kiff and his friend Rich will be visiting tomorrow. I am so excited!!! I have not seen Kiff in about two years (I think) and especially since I was diagnosed. Family comes before anything else. Family first.

The sun is shining today and that hasn't been happening much here lately so that's a plus. Who'd of thought that Tijuana would be cooler than Upstate New York??? Ah well, next time I'll get diagnosed in the early summer so I can enjoy the heat down here...JUST KIDDING!!! There wil be no next time. I have become a vegetarian for life...key word LIFE!

I am still amazed at how low energy I can be after a B-12 shot. I would probably sleep half the day away were I to be without the B-12 and the "coffee breaks." That's what they call them down here. I guess no one wants to say coffee enema. Well, of course I never really noticed that few patients talk about their enemas. And here I am all blah-blah-blahing about every detail of my enema INCLUDING the things that didn't go so well. By the time I realized no one was sharing about their experience it was too late. Anyway, I've never been one to avoid the "dificult topics." This is what's so...get over it. You want to live, right?

Actually the intention is to avoid the chemo & radiation, but down here after all we've learned about allopathic medicine and the enormous amount of money steering the pharmaceutical comapnies, I don't think about avoiding chemo & radiation - the thought rarley even crosses my mind. Yes, I'll do WHATEVER it takes to live. However, I don't question the power of Gerson Therapy. This is all making sense. Now if I can just relax while I'm sticking that 3" needle in my backside. Eeeeuuuuuhhhh. I shiver every time I think about it.

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  1. Dear Bert,
    Thank you for keeping us with you through this blog.
    I am moved to say that the transformation on how I view health can be said by having the words "coffee enema" go from please don't say that to genuine interest. Thats all, just possibility.
    I look forward to life and I thank you for that.