Thursday, May 24, 2007

Detox Flare-Ups

Detox flare-ups are currently minimal yet consistent. One regular flare-up is being spacey/foggy every day. Example: I have re-written this entry three or four times and I'm only on the second sentence (and I just spelled sentence "scentence"). The detox is definitely working.

Another flare-up that has been regular is aching in my legs - mostly knees and calves and some hips. Charlote Gerson explained that any continuous strain on the legs, i.e., snow boarding for a few years or the manual labor jobs I held for may years, can build up toxins in the muscles faster than the muscles can flush them out. So, the areas of the body that worked the hardest are releasing toxins. She says I can anticipate pain where old injuries occurred. The therapy will actually detoxify the healed areas of the bones I broke when I was younger and then will re-grow healthier bone. I applied clay packs on my knees last night and it helped. Dr. Cervantes provided me with a Potassium solution to blot onto the pain areas in order to draw out the toxins. It's making a difference.

A third form of flare-up is drowsiness. Usually after lunch I can not keep my eyes open. I imagine the same thing would be happening in the morning and evening were the enemas not so close to the meals, not to mention the Live/B-12 shot every morning after breakfast. That'll wake you up. Chris had a B-12 shot last Sunday and he said the energy boost was almost too much. He went running in order to bring himself down off of it, while for me, it's like having a cup of coffee with breakfast.

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  1. There is so much to be learned. Thank you for passing on the information. I always KNEW strenuous exercise isn't good for you. So there. ;^)
    love you,