Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This morning Dr. Melendez came and spoke to me. During our conversation she mentioned that the tumor could eventually die and detach from the rectal wall at which point it would be passed. She said it will look like the liver sold at the meat market. Wouldn't that be something? I told her I will cry tears of joy should that day come.

The doctors here are very committed to what they do. They have an incredible commitment. Dr. Cervantes even comes in on Saturday & Sunday to check on his patients. They are an incredible group of people, yet I've heard through the grapevine that they get a lot of heat for having this clinic from the Mexican government as a result of pressure from the U.S. government. It's very, very sad.

Two books we're reading right now:
"The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell
"Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau


  1. Hi Bert, We have been reading your blog, actually it is the first thing I look for when we sign on. I can only imagine how difficult it is, only you who are going through it having cravings and resisting them know how difficult it is. I have trouble making it from breakfast to lunch, even when I get up late and eat breakfast late.

    We commend you for your focus and commitment to the prize, which is of course is being cancer free. The thought of the tumor detaching and passing we know gives you strength to continue your diet of vegetables prepared in the Gerson manner.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in a week when you get back to Brooktondale. We are sure you know we have been talking to Dani, Cal & Beau via the web cam and we look forward to seeing your face via the internet.

    We love you and are praying for your recovery.

    Tom & Fran

  2. We have several books by Kevin Trudeau...and I guess maybe it is time that we actually opened them up and read them! And we agree strongly with your statement concerning the political issues involved, especially when it impacts lives being saved and disease being cured. But as Bobbie told us the first time at the clinic, this is for another time...as right now your number one focus must be on "Bert", treatment, and recovery!

    You continue to amaze us!

    Take Care,

    Jim and Patti Maybee
    May 29, 2007

    P.S.Chris, we hope that you are hanging in there as well! Take care of yourself! We would say that you are a keeper as a friend!