Saturday, July 7, 2007


So yesterday, I 'm watching a DVD and the characters walk into a pizza joint and one says, "This is the best pizza in Jersey." The scene changes to them eating the slices and as I'm watching them eat, I can feel my teeth sink into the cheese and the tomato sauce that has savored its way into the soft thin dough that has just the slightest crunch to it.

Later on that day, Jackie made herself some Quinoa with tomato sauce. She then added a healthy serving of parmesian cheese and sat down with us for dinner. I smelled the cheese and the tomato sauce and all I could think of was pizza. Apparently the expression on my face made that pretty obvious, as Jackie quickly asked if it was bothering me. I said I was fine. A minute later, she looked at me again and asked if I would like her to go outside to finish her meal. I said, "Uhmm...yeah, that would be great."

Have I mentioned how amazed I am at the power of food? Yeah, I probably have. And no worries. I'd rather talk about how much I love the stuff then think about it and pretend I'm not thinking it. Only one year, 44 weeks, and two days away!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Bert,

    You're showing such amazing strength with the diet I'm impressed. I talk with a lot of people about their ways of eating and a difficulty in keeping discipline about feeding emotional needs with other, more sustaining, permanent things is one of the hardest things humans have to do.

    Now for my political reality moment - courage cousin - think about how and why those particular foods have strong urges implanted in you. We're all vulnerable to the images of food and other strong biology (sex) that are displayed in our culture. That urge for pizza really comes from someone trying to make a profit off of you - at your expense. It's no accident that the deepest cravings are for the "foods" that have been turned into mass market products.