Thursday, July 5, 2007


I believe I have made it simple to post comments from now on. It should no longer be a requirement to have a Gmail account in order to post. Please let me know if the correction did not go through. Thanks.

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  1. Bert, this is Sophie Benshitta.

    I don't live near enough to help with daily stuff, but I would like to assist you healing some emotional issues that may be at the core of this situation... not with coaching but teaching you an energy work that you can do for yourself, and also do "distance healing" for you with healing energies, if you want.

    The energy work that you can do for yourself is called The Healing Codes, and it, used correctly, tends to heal memories that are underlying a disease condition. I have healed myself of skin cancer with it, and of other stuff I don't want to mention.

    I can come to you, and I can bring stuff with me, and I can also do it using skype and a camera.

    You can visit the healing codes site by going to

    Don't buy anything, I'll give it to you.

    I have been silently rooting for you, but I realized that I have something that you may want, and it is my duty to offer it to you.

    I am also teary eyed moved by the rallying of the community... though I am not surprised, I am moved.