Saturday, July 14, 2007


Today has been a tough day. The enemas have been taking a lot out of me for the past few days. [This is where you ask yourself "Do I want to know about this?" Don't worry, it doesn't get that bad - and there won't be any pictures this time!!!] All the others at the clinic had no problem retaining the enema once they got the hang of it. I on the other hand, haven't had that privilege due to the tumor's location. It seems the tumor triggers the rectum [I still can't believe I'm blogging about my rectum even if it is the location of the tumor!!!] into gearing up to empty out. For those of you who don't know, the rectum is like a pouch that holds its contents until you've reached an appropriate location (hopefully a bathroom!). Prior to my diagnosis, I only knew the rectum to be groin-located and the brunt of one of my favorites - "Rectum??? Damn near killed 'em!!!" Hmm...kind of appropriate in my case - key phrase "damn near."

Anyway, I have to constantly work to retain the enema for the desired 12 minutes - sometimes calling it quits when retention takes too much. With all this work to retain it, my muscles - internal and external - have begun to get sore and stay that way all day. I am using Arnica (topical & systemic), massage, ice, and heat. So why so much effort? No enema = No Gerson Therapy and that's not good. So, dig this - I'm sitting at the dinner table on a butt pillow and a cold pack thinking to myself, " can shoot me now" - mind you, a plastic dart will suffice. It would actually be great, so we could all start laughing again - and we did, even without he dart...

This afternoon I got hit with a powerful detox flare-up: nausea, exhaustion and massive leg aches - from the hips right through the bottoms of my feet [strange]. It hit right after I finished lunch and I was on the couch a minute later. It was killin' me. I closed my eyes and stopped resisting the pain to simply be with it. It made it easier to tolerate and then fortunately, I fell asleep and woke up an hour later feeling much better. Gerson Therapy: random moments of misery. I'm feeling much better now. This time with a hot water bottle on my...ahh, forget it.

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  1. steve: this was both the funniest and the most painful of your entries.
    : P