Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today has been a tough day. My joints have been aching since lunch. Thank goodness there's no fever......yet. As soon as my joints started to ache last night and then again today, it hit me that I went almost a week without aching leg muscles which had begun to seem so routine up until last week's break from it all.

However, the toughest part of this therapy for me - hands down - is the diet. The Gerson diet, as you read, is very limited. Then add to it that I currently have a very sensitive stomach and cannot eat things like fresh salsa, citrus dressing, chopped onions (all of which I love) and I am even more limited than the standard Gerson patient. Hopefully, my stomach will be healed in the next month or so and I should be able to eat a few foods I love.

In the mean time, I sit down for lunch or dinner and 90% of the time have no desire to eat even as my stomach's growling. "Oooh! Whi-hew! Potatoes and vegetables again. Gosh, it's been hours since I had them last!" The only thing that pulls me through is when I remind myself that I can have pizza and cheeseburgers and even a milkshake when ever I like...followed by 9 months of chemo & radiation and a colostomy. Amazing how after that thought, I find myself more than willing to gag down another potato, a few more veggies and yet another bowl of that good ole Hippocrates Soup.

Hmm...I am noticing that the context - to avoid chemo & radiation - is definitely not an empowering one. I will definitely look at that and find something that actually inspires me to stay on this diet. I'll get back to you on that. In the mean time, I'm going to vent a little more.

And, I'm not being completely honest. I do enjoy the steamed spinach dipped in Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

Oh, and when I really want a treat, I eat a couple pieces of dry-toasted, Sourdough, sodium-free 100% rye bread. And, once a week, I get to eat a serving of popcorn (dry of course) and every day Daniela will stew some fruit that I can eat on top of some plain, fat-free yogurt. It sure ain't no ice cream!

All kidding aside, my spirits were definitely raised when I read some of the wonderful comments posted. It's really something to be so touched by just a few kind words and support. Thanks.


  1. It's funny you mention craving for pizza and cheeseburgers. After I went through radiation/chemo for rectal cancer I had a _huge_ craving for them too. During the treatment they told me I could eat _anything_ I wanted, but as time went along I had to restrict my diet so I could avoid having to dash to the restroom all the time. The result? I nibbled at potatoes, toast, crackers, a few fruits and vegetables, and a little soup. No meats. No pizza. No salsa to liven things up. I realize you're going through a completely different treatment, but it sounds so familiar.

  2. It really is not a problem to help wonderful people. A problem is giving my time to people who don't care like most employers. A problem is one I can't fix with kindness. I could go on, but you should know my time for you is to ease your minds. There is the selfish satisfaction of doing something good for someone else. And, of course, holding an adorable baby boy and hearing a son say he loves his mom. Love you all. Patty