Sunday, July 22, 2007


I have committed myself to another intention for this blog - to share my thoughts with a deeper level of honesty. I always been taught "...the truth will set you free." In the last couple of years, I've decided it's about being honest with and about myself that sets me free - free from fear of others knowing that I am human, too. To say what's really there for me, but in a specific context. What part of my experience can I share, that if I did, the fear of it being known by you would no longer own me? I would no longer have to hide who I am - not to mention that it will show up in the things I say as well as the things I don't say. This person will pick up on it - that person won't, but I know it will be there and it will limit who I am in the world.

So, with that in mind, today I don't want you to know that last week, I became very skeptical about the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy. I thought, "Sure it has worked for others - I've met people in person and on the phone who have done the therapy with complete success. And, what if it still doesn't work for me?" I didn't want you to know that because I didn't want you to pipe in and agree! And that thought led me wonder if I am seeking approval from others.

Well, yesterday I heard from a dear friend that another friend wanted to call and tell me that I should not be doing the Gerson Therapy. As soon as I heard that, I realized I actually am perfectly okay with anyones opinion being what ever it is - approval not required. How could anyone possibly not have an opinion about a topic so charged as cancer? It's cancer for crying out loud.

That being said, I am clear that I am on the path that will lead to the complete healing of my body. Gerson in one hand and truth in the other.

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