Sunday, July 8, 2007


Just a few hours ago, I spoke with my friend Liam - a patient I met at BajaNutricare. He has melanoma that was removed from his toe when he was first diagnosed. Then five weeks later it returned and metastasized to the lymph nodes near his thighs and to an area on his chest [I'm not clear about the location]. The doctors told him to get his finances in order because he had six-months left if he did nothing more or 18 moths if he did chemo & radiation. He opted for Gerson Therapy.

Well, the doctors gave him a sonogram at the clinic during his fifth week of the therapy and found THE CANCER IN HIS LYMPH NODES HAS BEEN REDUCED AND THE TUMOR IN HIS CHEST WHICH WAS THE SIZE OF A GOLF BALL HAS SHRUNK TO THE SIZE OF HIS PINKIE FINGERNAIL. This all happened in 6-WEEKS. How's that for incredible news?

I am so happy for Liam and his family! He returns to Ireland tomorrow to begin the therapy at home. Man that's great news and I'll tell ya, right now, to hear that definitely makes a difference for me...

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