Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Tomorrow I have a telephone meeting with my doctor from Baja Nutricare to review my blood work and urinalysis. It will be good to have an update. Mid-September I will have a sigmoidoscopy so we can have a look around and observe the progress. Watch out...I might just post a photo!!!...just kidding.

Anyway, a sigmoidoscopy is like a colonoscopy but it's done in the sigmoid colon. Hence the name. Prior to my diagnosis, I had never heard of any type of "oscopy" other than the colonoscopy. Here's a photo if you're wondering where your sigmoid colon is:

Lately, I have been feeling pretty good when I'm not going through a flare-up. The detox flare-ups lately have been consistent: aching legs for hours which can be a bit difficult, but tolerable (I can reduce the discomfort by blotting potassium solution where it hurts. Interesting, huh?); flu symptoms which are almost hysterical because the last time I had them they only lasted 15 minutes and then they were gone...????; and I'm often tired - I usually take a nap during the afternoon or late morning. Cal's lazy dog loves it - now he has a partner in crime.

Max - sleeping

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  1. Hi there...what an absolutely silly baby! He is precious...and we also like to think of them as special gifts from heaven!

    Jim and Patti