Friday, July 6, 2007


Yesterday's telephone conference with Dr. Cervantes (of Baja Nutricare) went very well. He asked me if I was still following the diet. The question definitely threw me. I can't imagine straying of the diet. I see it very simply. I can have all the pizza I want, and I can go get chemo, too. No thank you.

So he said my blood work looked great and my liver looks beautiful - reminder: the liver is the number one immune system organ. It all starts with the liver. The only changes he made were to my supplements and food intake in response to the test results. Everything looks good. Bon appetite!


  1. Hello there! That is absolutely amazing news! But with your complete dedication to your healing process, we are not surprised! Take care!

    Jim and Patti

  2. i'm very impressed by your willpower. not sure if i'd be able to do it. i had hodgkin's disease two years ago and opted for chemo. you don't know me, but i live in ithaca and found your site through craigslist, and have been reading it for a little while. i'll be rooting for you..

  3. What! You're not taking secret chemotherapy and pizza?

    You've got plenty of people who are witnesses to your dedication to this approach, which has every bit as much scientific credibility as conventional techniques, if not more. I very much enjoyed watching the video you made of Charlotte Gerson conversing with you all at the clinic. She is incredibly knowledgeable.

    When you are healed, I will shout it from the treetops.

    To everyone: go to to get on the schedule.